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Visit us at Exhale... Spa, LLC to enjoy deep relaxation and relieve annoying body pains. Offering everything from deep tissue massages and facials to pedicures and body waxing, our spa offers the most relaxing experience you’ll find in California, MO, or the surrounding areas.

Are you looking to improve your health, beauty, and relaxation at the best day spa in California, MO? Look no further than Exhale... Spa, LLC. We offer everything from facials and massages to nail and waxing services. Whether you want a fresh manicure and pedicure or a relaxing massage, we deliver nothing short of the best.

Benefit from A Deep Tissue Massage

Treat strained muscles and lingering sports injuries by getting a deep tissue massage at our local spa. Our licensed therapists apply pressure to specific points of the body to release muscle tension and reduce blood pressure. Enjoy a boosted mood and reduced stress after getting a Swedish or deep tissue massage from our professionals. We offer 25-minute sessions for just $42 and provide couples massages upon request. Cut the costs of massage treatments by making a reservation at our affordable day spa.

Keep your hands looking young by getting a manicure today. Unlike some other nail salons in the area, we keep our prices reasonable, giving more people the chance to get pampered at Exhale... Spa. Our stylists have undergone extensive training, so they know the ins and out of both the manicure and pedicure process. While you’re here, consider getting acrylic nails or gel overlays to achieve the look you really want. Describe your desired type of nail art and our specialists will bring those ideas to life.

Discover the Hidden Perks of Body Waxing

Allow your hair to grow slower and finer by trying body and facial waxing. At our facility, we will wax any area of the body you request, from the legs and arms to the back or eyebrows. We have you covered! Whether you’re getting ready for the beach or just can’t stand stubble, you’ll receive incredible service from the moment you step foot inside our doors.

Forget about the bills and family drama for a few hours by scheduling your waxing session as soon as possible. Find the best prices for Brazilian waxes by calling today to ask about our current specials.
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Our facial services include both a relaxing and oxygen lift treatment. Enjoy a rejuvenating facial that clears the pores of impurities and replaces them with nourishment for a beautiful, flawless complexion. We also offer manicures and pedicures for professional hand and feet care treatment and, of course, beautiful nails. 

Complete your spa experience with a body waxing service to remove unwanted hair and a deep tissue massage to be relieved of any muscle tension or pain. When you choose Exhale Spa, you’ll experience true relaxation and deep beauty with every visit. From manicures and facials to waxing and massages, our professionals offer it all. Our passion to celebrate beauty and experience true relaxation drives what we do. With high standards of excellence, we never settle for anything less than the best. Call to schedule an appointment or simply walk in for one of our soothing spa treatments today!

You won’t find better deals for facial treatments or Swedish massages anywhere else in Moniteau County. Treat nagging muscle pain and relieve back stiffness by making your appointment at Exhale... Spa.

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Does work have you feeling sore and stressed out? Release tension and gain relief by making an appointment at Exhale... Spa in California, MO. We offer the friendly and attentive service you deserve after putting in those long hours. With one massage or pedicure, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the workweek. Call us at (573) 796-5000 to schedule an appointment today! 

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